What are best golf balls for distance in 2018?

Who doesn’t want to add yards to their initial drive? There are several ways of achieving it. The most reliable and affordable methods is  to invest in a golf ball that has been designed for distance.

There are two basic criteria to keep in mind while looking for the best distance golf balls:

  1. Spin: all golf balls range in the amount of spin they provide, they can be
    1. High level of spin means that the ball will carry further through the air but it will not roll as far as lower spin golf balls.
    2. Medium is a combination of both distance and accuracy and the majority of manufacturers produce this kind of ball.
    3. Low spin balls will make shots straighter but they will not travel as far but roll to a greater distance once they land.
  2. Compression: the level of compression that is needed in a golf ball depends on the amount of swing the golfer has. If the player has slower swing then he/she doesn’t need to worry about specialized balls. It is only when the swing is faster than 90mph, tour-level balls are just right.

The construction of the golf ball is more important than compression and spin for long distance balls. Golf balls vary in the number of layers they have. The most basic ones are made from one solid piece and are used for driving ranges. The majority of the golf balls are made of two-piece construction, the type that provides the most distance for an average player. With new developments, several manufacturers have been able to create a quality distance ball with a higher level of accuracy.

Top 6 golf balls for distance:

  1. Wilson tour velocity distance golf ball
  2. Nike golf pd long power distance golf ball
  3. Taylor made distance plus golf ball
  4. Nitro maximum distance
  5. Nitro ultimate distance
  6. Kick-x-golf tour z premium

Wilson tour velocity is among the best ball in terms of distance, feel and overall playability. These have been designed to give the golfer more distance and a soft feel and they deliver on both of these factors. The low price is also an appealing element while selecting a good golf ball for distance. These have increased performance, even giving between 10-20 yards more than you would expect to hit with a normal ball. Whether you have a slower swing or not, these are a great investment.

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