Take The Fishy Route To Wisdom

Fish has been traditionally considered to be brain food. But there were no studies to prove this and it was discarded as just a belief. But recent studies have shown that eating fish for brain health is really a sensible thing to do. All studies have shown an improvement in brain health with people who ate fish regularly.


All of you must have heard that Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the brain. In fact, 60% of fatty acids in our brains are Omega-3. Not just any Omega-3 but DHA. DHA is the type of Omega-3 found in fish and this is very good for brain health. It is proved that pregnant women eating fish for brain health are good both for the child in the womb and in early years. 75% of our brain cells are developed before birth and the balance within the first year. Omega-3 is so important for children that many baby food formulas have these in them.

Fish not only helped in the development of brain cells. Children of pregnant women who ate fish were found to develop better verbal and social skills when they reached eight years of age. Several other long terms benefits where seen in children of pregnant women who ate fish.

Eating fish for brain health also gives many other benefits preventing brain-related conditions. It was seen to prevent dyslexia and ADHD in children. Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression were treated with a good intake of Omega-3.

It was noted that DHA and EPA which are found in fish help a great deal in preventing dyslexia and ADHD in children. They also had a positive effect on motor skills and better coordination. It also improved the attention span and learning ability in children.

It has been proved that a fish diet could reduce the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia at old age.

Memory Loss & Learning Ability

Many recent studies have proved that eating fish for brain health also reduced the occurrence of memory loss and improved learning ability. There was also a reduction in the decline of cognitive abilities. These effects were seen in those who were eating fish for a long time. Fish-eating need not be considered as a fast relief for these diseases but as a preventive diet.

We can conclusively say we should cultivate the habit of eating fish for brain health. Pregnant women should be encouraged to add them to their diet for their children’s brain growth.

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