Needful Tips To Master Over Meditation Techniques For Sleep

It is truly disturbing to find that you are deprived of sound sleep in the nights and to find yourself drained out of all energy during the day time. The entire effect is reflected on your health, work productivity, socializing urges as well as sense of comfort. At least for minimum eight hours of sleep in the basic requirement of humans for a healthy and focused life, but when you are affected by insomnia or sleepless nights, instead of relying and getting dependent on those sleeping pill, you can take up to meditation techniques for sleep. Some light exercise can also help to sleep better, try running on a treadmill 5 minutes a day.

Meditation for Sleep Enhancement

Meditation is centering your attention and focus onto the present and focusing on your condition and attempting to improve them. However, many people find it truly difficult to sit and focus attentively for even a few minutes.

Apart from just sleep improvement, meditation offers a profound range of health benefits and for that all you need to do is extract a few minutes from your daily schedule to concentrate and find a quiet, serene and comfortable to sit and close your eyes and completely focus. In order to get an improved sleep routine in your daily life you can try out these simple meditation techniques for sleep.

Meditation Techniques for Sleep

  • Visualization – Here you need to focus on a single object which could be a color, face, substance, etc. once you have focused and gathered all your attention to that single point of concentration, you need to feel positive about your presence, yourself and calm down all your senses.
  • Counting – Meditation focuses on your concentrating power as well and therefore back counting helps a lot to improve your concentration, focus onto one point of attention. All you need to do is start back counting on a definite pace and rhythm, and whenever you miss out on any number start recounting all over again. Stay calm and peaceful, since agitation tends to jumble up things and in the process you train your mind to calm down, focus, remain concentrated and relax as well.

Pranayam and other forms of yoga are also taken into considerations as popular meditation techniques for sleep. Concentrating on your thought, focusing and relaxing your mind from other worries and stressful deviation of thoughts help you to improve your overall command over sleep. You can even take mediation classes to improve and master over effective meditation techniques for sleep.

How to make dog treats?

Making your homemade dog treats is always rewarding and fun. There are plenty of benefits in making dog treats at home. Be mindful of that goes into the cooking pot and ensure your pet receives a wholesome and nutritious snack. You may tailor your dog treat recipes based on the preference of your dog and adhere to dietary restrictions.

Quick dog treat recipes

Here is a quick and easy recipe for a nutritious and healthy dog training treat that can be prepared in the comfort of your home.

Banana-Almond Puppy Treats

Ingredients : 1/3 organic banana, ¾ cup almond unsalted butter, 1 organic raised pasture egg and 1tsp ground cinnamon.

Instructions: Pre-heat to 350° Fahrenheit the oven and line with parchment paper the baking sheet.

Method: Mash the banana using a fork in a large or medium size bowl; add the other ingredients and mix, keeping the batter thick and gooey. Spoon out dollops of dime-size on to the parchment paper and place for 5 minutes in the oven, turn the pan and bake for more 5 minutes.

Remove it from the oven and allow it to cool. These last for 5-7 days.

Paw Print Dog Treats

Ingredients: wheat germ ½ cup, all purpose floor 2 cups, brewer’s yeast ½ cup, salt 2 teaspoons, canola oil 3 tablespoons and homemade or low sodium store bought chicken stock 1 ½ cup.

Instructions:  Preheat to 400 degrees the oven, line with parchment 2 baking sheets. Combine wheat germ, flour, salt and brewer’s yeast in a bowl. Place in a large bowl canola oil, add flour mixture in 3 additions to the oil and alternate it with stock and mix everything.

Method: Knead as dough for 2 minutes; roll the dough to thickness of ¼ inch, cut into 2 inch rounds and transfer to baking sheets.  Using your thumb make an indentation and press the dough making an arch of 4 small circles on the top. Repeat the same and freeze for 15 minutes and bake for 20 minutes. Rotate the sheets and brush the chicken stock halfway. Turn the oven off and allow it to be in the oven for 40 minutes.

Almond Oatmeal Dog Treats

Ingredients: Oatmeal and almond butter ½ cup each, rice flour 1 cup, water 2 tbsp and 2 eggs.

Instructions: Preheat to 350˚ the oven. Combine ingredients except water and add water slowly to make dough. Roll the dough and prepare ¼ inch thickness and cut different shapes.

Method: Place on a cookie sheet lightly greased and at 350˚bake until it is slightly brown on the bottoms for around 12 minutes. Remove it, allow it to cool and store in a container.

What are best golf balls for distance in 2018?

Who doesn’t want to add yards to their initial drive? There are several ways of achieving it. The most reliable and affordable methods is  to invest in a golf ball that has been designed for distance.

There are two basic criteria to keep in mind while looking for the best distance golf balls:

  1. Spin: all golf balls range in the amount of spin they provide, they can be
    1. High level of spin means that the ball will carry further through the air but it will not roll as far as lower spin golf balls.
    2. Medium is a combination of both distance and accuracy and the majority of manufacturers produce this kind of ball.
    3. Low spin balls will make shots straighter but they will not travel as far but roll to a greater distance once they land.
  2. Compression: the level of compression that is needed in a golf ball depends on the amount of swing the golfer has. If the player has slower swing then he/she doesn’t need to worry about specialized balls. It is only when the swing is faster than 90mph, tour-level balls are just right.

The construction of the golf ball is more important than compression and spin for long distance balls. Golf balls vary in the number of layers they have. The most basic ones are made from one solid piece and are used for driving ranges. The majority of the golf balls are made of two-piece construction, the type that provides the most distance for an average player. With new developments, several manufacturers have been able to create a quality distance ball with a higher level of accuracy.

Top 6 golf balls for distance:

  1. Wilson tour velocity distance golf ball
  2. Nike golf pd long power distance golf ball
  3. Taylor made distance plus golf ball
  4. Nitro maximum distance
  5. Nitro ultimate distance
  6. Kick-x-golf tour z premium

Wilson tour velocity is among the best ball in terms of distance, feel and overall playability. These have been designed to give the golfer more distance and a soft feel and they deliver on both of these factors. The low price is also an appealing element while selecting a good golf ball for distance. These have increased performance, even giving between 10-20 yards more than you would expect to hit with a normal ball. Whether you have a slower swing or not, these are a great investment.

Looking At Some Of The Best Golf Wedges

Playing golf on one of those days when the weather is really good is the best thing to do. Obviously, everybody who owns a golf kit and good putter likes to show it off. One of the most important things in the kit is the golf wedge. The golf wedge is the reason why the golf ball gains the right direction and spins. The grooves on the golf wedge are very important to judge their quality. Given below is a list of a few the best golf wedges.

Callaway Mack Daddy 4

Spin technology, along with the fitting options is a factor which affects wedge performance. Depending on the loft, there are two types of milled grooves Callaway clubs. The Mack Daddy 4 milled wedge arises from the surface creating additional contact spots for a good spin even on the shortest shots. The Mack Daddy 4 has 21 fitting options over 9 lofts with four sole grinds. Its price is around $150. The best golf wedges are indeed costly.


Taylor made iron reviews are everywhere and for a good reason – they make the best golf wedges which complement the irons that most of the average golfers buy. It has a progressive head which is shaped like iron in the lower lofts and like a wedge in the higher lofts. This design helps these wedges fit in with the other golf clubs which are irons. It has a lighter shaft. This perimeter weighting helps in providing a wide, playable sole. The Cleveland CBX consists of a high class groove technology and also a micro-milled rough design of its surface. Its loft has eight options in between 46 to 60 degrees. Its price is about 130 dollars.

Cleveland RTX-3

Everybody likes the “feel” of a wedge design, but for Cleveland RTX-3, the same “feel” is not just a word, it’s science. The center of gravity of this wedge lines up with the centre of it. This is because of a weight saving hosel design. This helps you get a more consistent feel by centering the head’s mass. It enhances distance control, spin and accuracy. An extra spin comes because of the new groove design, which is narrower and deeper. All these qualities make Cleveland RTX-3 one of the best golf wedges. The price is about 130 dollars.

Cobra King Black

The Cobra King Black has thickened face because the designers of this wedge believe that the more material that hits the golf ball, the better feel will be. It has wider and shallower grooves on the higher lofts which provide more volume and changeable milling pattern; this gives an extra short spin. The price is about 120 dollars. It’s one of the best golf wedges for an affordable price.

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How To Choose The Best Lightweight Sleeping Bags For Hiking Trips

sleeping bag

Hikers know this very well how much they need to pan their backpack and load so that they have to carry minimum weight with maximum utility items. That is why every item you pick for your hiking trip or trek, must be utility wise ten on ten, while giving you the ease of being light weight and easy to carry on the back.

Remember if you bring your pet dog with you that they also need some dog hiking boots and if it is snowing get some dog boots for the snow!

For these reasons your sleeping bag, which is one of the essentials for hiking trips must be carefully chosen and bought. People do a lot of research to pick the best lightweight sleeping bags for hiking trips. And here are some nice tips to help you select the right sleeping bag for your next hike.

Selection criteria for lightweight sleeping bags

  • Rectangular sleeping bags can allure you with the large space inside and the shape which assures sufficient ease of movement as you roll from side to side. But they would not be light weight. Hence it’s not a great idea to choose them for hiking.
  • The mummy shaped bags are the best for weight management as well as for giving you the highest level of warmth. They sure falls among the best lightweight sleeping bags for hiking trips and you should check the fabric of the mummy shaped sleeping bags for best results.
  • Light weight sleeping bags are made of high performance tear proof, light weight fabrics, which give a silky, luxurious feel to the skin. These are fabrics with a low denier count. Denier is unit to measure the thickness of the fabrics, and sleeping bags with such low denier fabrics tend to be lighter and keeps your backpack weight low.
  • Although you should try to store the sleeping bag in a roomy large bag so that the down in the bag is not compressed much and quality does not deteriorate, yet you should check out that your sleeping bag comes with a stuff sack. A stuff sack is a storage bag that compresses the sleeping back to the smallest possible size to compress and make it fit easily inside your backpack. The stuff sack helps as the air in the fabrics are squeezed out thereby reducing the weight of the sleeping bag to great extent.

Temperature rating, insulation type, zippers, hoods, draft collars, all matters in choosing a sleeping bag, and these features also should not be overlooked while selecting the best lightweight sleeping bags for hiking trips.